How a Prostitute can help you attain Real estate properties

Different countries have different rules that tackle the buying of real estate properties. One of the most commonly read or asked questions about the laws or rules that regard the intake of real estate properties is the question, how can a person from other country buy lot from a certain country? There are some rules that just limits the foreigners  from buying a real estate properties the common law usually just limits a foreigner to a certain area of a real estate property that they could buy. However, there are other countries that has a law that does not really allows foreigners to buy and own a real estate properties of themselves, they are just allowed to rent it. Indeed, these laws really affect the way real estate buyers buys properties, however, there is one solution that can allow real estate buyers to buy real estate properties as long as they want and as long as they have the money to buy them and that solution is by marrying a person that is a full citizen of that country, and mostly, they find these citizens in the form of comfort women.

Comfort women or what now they call as prostitute is commonly known to be a person that allows  another person or what they call their costumer to  have sexual intercourse with them and in exchange, he/she will pay money to the comfort women.  Nowadays, there are comfort women in almost every country. There are US comfort women, Japanese comfort women, Korean Comfort women and other more. However nowadays, comfort women are not anymore only used for sexual intercourse, as they are also used into attaining real estate properties in certain countries with a very strict law against foreigners buying real estate properties. They will just need to marry these comfort women and they can just name that property under their names, it would seem to be risky at first but foreigners can use back up papers and lawyers that will allow them to be able to attain the real estate properties if ever there will be a problem in their relationship.



Buying a Real estate property

Buying a Real estate property

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