Mortgage Interest Rate Report

Mortgage Rate News
Interest rates have continued to drop since mid October with the average 30-yr fixed rate mortgage recently dancing just around 6%.

It’s a mixed bag. There’s no way around the negative impact that flat home prices, cutbacks in new homes construction and ever-decreasing consumer spending continue to have on the overall economy. Manufacturers have experienced increases in overseas orders, but this is largely due to the weakened value of the dollar.
There are some positive indicators though.


Homeowners’ newsletter 101. (part II)


3. Newsletters are meant to be read and so, you have to produce something that is in fact “readable”. Let’s start off with the headline of the newsletter. The headline must be catchy. Readers won’t actually take notice of “Board passes new budget”. But, “Board raises fees” will surely catch their attention. Or perhaps, you can be a little more creative than that and so, you can try movie titles are your headlines.
4. The stories in your newsletter should include (better if it is highlighted) the basics such as who, what, when, where and why. If for example, the newsletter includes a new policy that will be enforced next week, you have to explain the reason for its enforcement.

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Basic Home Tool Kit Is A Must

If you are a newly homeowner, you must know that having basic home tool kit is an important task. As you do your regular home keep-up, this kit can help you do your routine job quickly and easily. However, one must be aware on how to use it properly and safely or it would only be a waste and worst, could be dangerous. At the very least you should include the following items:

• A good quality set of screw drivers
• Adjustable wrenches
Screwdrivers & Hex Keys
• Cordless driver/drills
• Drill Bits
• A level, tape measure and combination square
• A quality pair of pliers
• A quality knife
• A hacksaw, complete with spare blades.
Color Paints

You can find thousand of designs for each tool, of course, the more expensive the higher the quality it can provide you. Also, when using this DIY tools, your safety should comes first. Have a stout pair of protective gloves, safety goggles, suitable footwear and a set of protective overalls to help you stay away from any possible injury while doing your maintenance tasks.

A Great Paint Job

Getting a great paint job is something you will definitely thank yourself for regardless of what you want to do with your house. Whether you are thinking or planning of selling this, or if you have decided that this is your home for the long term, it never hurts to do a good paint job. In fact, most recommend a frequent repaint schedule to keep your house looking great.

You can choose to do the painting yourself or you can hire a professional. Either way, set aside an amount for good paint, brushes, and anything else needed. A good quality paint job on the exterior and interior of your house can last for up to three years. Imagine having a brand new looking house every three years!

It is worth your effort and money, whether you will sell or not, to regularly repaint your house. A good looking house is always great to have.

Tips for Investing in Property

Investing in property is a tricky thing on its own. It can be even trickier if you cannot take too high a risk or if you think about how the real estate market is still unstable. It is a good thing there are some basic tips anyone can look at to get them through the exercise.


Three things to look at when considering investing in property are taxes, school ratings, and demand through prices. Luckily, these are all very easy to obtain with some little effort. Taxes are something we cannot run away from so if you can get them as low as possible, it is one indicator that people like the area. School ratings is another indication that an area shows promise. If schools are rising in the ranks, it will certainly make the area attractive to families. Finally, prices- everyone wants a great deal and getting lower priced property near high demand areas may be a good investment.

Making it Work

Living in a condominium is something people are just now getting used to thinking of in the same vein as living and owning a house. The shift in number of people owning condos has obviously gone up. But there are still some who believe that there are some things you can only have with a house. One such thing is having a garden. Condo dwellers will tell you though that you can still have your own garden even owning a smaller, and different space.


Making a garden work in a condo is a matter of perspective, research, and setting the right expectations. Condos on the ground floor may have back areas with some foliage while those higher up may come with balconies. These are just two obvious samples of places a person can create a garden. Potted plants are easy to maintain indoors and can serve as your personal patch of land

Tips for Marketing Your Home this Month

February is commonly known as the love month and whether you celebrate Valentines or not, you will certainly see tons of flowers, balloons, chocolates, candy and all that is sweet and romantic floating around. Instead of ignoring this popular day, make it work for you in selling your house. Yes, it is possible to use a holiday to make your house more appealing. It is really simple too.


Nothing markets a place better than making it appeal to a buyer’s emotions. Valentines touches, like a floral arrangement here or there can be that personal touch that will appeal to the buyer who will offer you the best deal on your house. Imagine what a simple bouquet and some strategically placed candles can do for the hopeless romantic, or the happy young couple, or the loving family? So do not scoff at the cheesiness of the day. Working it to your advantage is a smart way to sell your property.

Brokers can Save You Time

If you are a buyer or a seller of a house or houses, you will no doubt have noticed that this is a tough project to take on and complete. It really is more than just posting a for sale sign with your contact number and waiting for calls to come in. This is why there are professionals who do this only for a living.


A real estate broker can be your best friend whether you are selling or buying a house. He or she is trained to do a lot for you and the most definite benefit you will get from hiring and agent would be that he or she will save you time. A broker should be adept at marketing your house, fielding calls, identifying real buyers from casual inquiries, scheduling viewings for sellers. They should be knowledgeable about what houses are on sale, market trends, making appointments for viewing, negotiating prices for buyers. All of these activities take time and are required for a successful sale so getting a pro to do this for you will surely work to your advantage.

Make a December Home Purchase

Buying a house at the end of the year is considered by some to be a smart move for several reasons. While there are no hard and fast rules about when to buy a house, there are some times in the year when there are factors that favor buyers. December may be one such month.


In December, you will definitely have less competition from other prospective home buyers. There are just fewer people who want to buy property at the end of the year. This may be due to other concerns like holiday buying, end of the year business, or planning for family get-together’s, or it could be due to weather concerns. Whatever the reason, there is a higher chance you will have less competition. Interest rates may also be lower than that of spring rates. While a lot of folks take days off, there may also be brokers that want or need to close sales making them eager to meet with you and to close a deal.

So if you really want to try for bargains and really want to find the house regardless of the time of year, try doing some house hunting and buying at the end of the year.

A Beginner Real Estate Investing Guide

Investing in real estate for a profit can be a very risky and tricky proposition these days. The first thing that you need to know is that it takes a tremendous amount of time, education, experience and expertise to be a successful investor. If you are fortune enough to be successful then the rewards include appreciation (of investment property), rental income and numerous tax benefits. Alternatively if you don’t do it right, then you can be stuck with illiquid (hard to sell) property that is management intensive. Other factors that you also have to take into consideration include national and local market conditions.

On the national level you have to deal with interest rates and tax laws, and on a local level your success will depend on economic growth an demand and supply of properties in your local community. So let’s get started with some beginner real estate investing tips and advise.

First and foremost when getting started you need to be very dubious of those whom you seek advice from. The real estate industry is full of self-promoters and scammers. You must be especially cautious of those scam artist who promise you instant riches and wealth. They come into town holding these so called real estate seminars and use high pressure sales tactics to get you to buy their real estate course. It is a long-term commitment that takes years of experience as well as trial and error to be successful.

Another beginner real estate investing tip would be for you to go online at and take a look at the books on real estate. Their books are rated by actual customers who bought the books and are rated on a one to five star scale. A customer review with four stars or higher is probably a good book to purchase. For example;

There’s a book selling on Amazon right now called – FLIP: How to Find, Fix, and Sell Houses for Profit, by Rick Villani, Clay Davis and Gary Keller. This book has received rave reviews (five stars), and these reviews are coming from people who actually purchased the book.

Another good book on investing that is a hot seller on Amazon right now is Investing in Real Estate by Gary W. Eldred. And if you want to learn the basics in investing whether its finance or stocks and bonds then I would recommend the money expert Jordan E. Goodman.

And finally the last recommendation I would make for beginning investors would be for you to try to find a job in the real estate profession. For example you could get a job working in a realtor’s office. The advantages of doing this is that you will learn the in’s and out’s of the industry before investing any of your own money.

So in conclusion it all comes down to the one ingredient, the one common element that can make or break you in whatever endeavor you seek out in life, and that one important component is EDUCATION. Receiving the proper education in your occupation of choice will ultimately be the difference between your ultimate success or your ultimate failure as an investor. Good luck!