Basic Home Tool Kit Is A Must

If you are a newly homeowner, you must know that having basic home tool kit is an important task. As you do your regular home keep-up, this kit can help you do your routine job quickly and easily. However, one must be aware on how to use it properly and safely or it would only be a waste and worst, could be dangerous. At the very least you should include the following items:

• A good quality set of screw drivers
• Adjustable wrenches
Screwdrivers & Hex Keys
• Cordless driver/drills
• Drill Bits
• A level, tape measure and combination square
• A quality pair of pliers
• A quality knife
• A hacksaw, complete with spare blades.
Color Paints

You can find thousand of designs for each tool, of course, the more expensive the higher the quality it can provide you. Also, when using this DIY tools, your safety should comes first. Have a stout pair of protective gloves, safety goggles, suitable footwear and a set of protective overalls to help you stay away from any possible injury while doing your maintenance tasks.